“A winning team, for a winning world!”

Alcotec is an engineering company, founded in 2000 with the aim of managing and developing the construction process of civil, industrial buidings and infrastructure, from the initial feasibility study to “turnkey” construction, counting on a workforce made of over 150 qualified resources.

Since 2017 Alcotec has been permanently in the top ranking of the main Italian engineering companies drawn up by Guamari

Our company manages all aspects of the construction  , starting from the analysis of the objectives, the evaluation of temporal-economic variables and of the risks that contribute to the finalization of the intervention. Alcotec works with its own technical specialists in various disciplines, always under the careful supervision of the founder, Ing. Stefano Di Giacomo, today CEO, who, for over 35 years, has been an active protagonist for major construction companies in public and private projects , both in Italy and abroad. Our long experience in the sector allows us to work with very high standards and offer our customers a complete service, covering every area of design and engineering.

Our qualified and specialized professionals allow to range between the development of projects, the management of the construction phases of the construction site, the drafting of specific safety projects and the application of quality procedures.

At the basis of our work there is always a clear idea: to contribute to a better world. With this goal in mind, we work to restore reality to ideas, looking at the best values of civil life: ethics, sustainability, respect for the environment, the elimination of architectural barriers, the enhancement of resources (including human resources) beauty, inclusion. These are our characteristics, which we bring to our customers every day. Consistency is our primary value, which  guarantees a transparent vision to the outside world: “we say what we do, and we do what we say”. We look to the future with a view to continuous improvement , with the awareness that to achieve great goals, the fundamental assets are … people.


Clients are our main employer and for this reason they are at the core of our action: the satisfaction of their needs is the primary goal to be achieved. Our experience allows us to interpret and predict the needs of our clients and provide appropriate and effective solutions.

Ensuring ethically correct business conduct where honesty is an imperative principle. Working with the conviction that establishing and maintaining honest internal and external relations is useful, not only to facilitate the circulation of information, but also to allow an exponential growth in the reputation of the individual and of the company.

Being proactive means not only looking to the future with confidence, but being able to imagine it in order to design it. It is necessary to know how to grasp and develop the opportunities that arise, even starting from weak signals, in order to be able to formulate proposals and initiatives useful for achieving the objectives.

Working together, with a teamwork spirit, careful to understand each other, minimizing conflicts and enhancing the synchronism of action. Planning a common language, with which to effectively exchange information and professional contributions. Sharing one’s work and knowledge with others to be and to feel a member of the team, responsible for the result, even if this is the sum of the work of others.

Considering time as a fundamental variable for meeting expected costs and customer satisfaction and loyalty. Addressing needs and problems from a team perspective to define timely and useful solutions for both customers and society.

Constantly working for the development of skills, thanks to continuous training to increase the awareness that being responsible for one’s own professional and personal growth is essential to contribute to the achievement and success of a project or even a goal.