“Every time I think back to the work done since Alcotec was founded I feel proud and have also the firm will to continue growing. I am the creator and captain of this team that faces demanding challenges every day, fully aware that sound planning and careful assessment of the difficulties inherent in the construction of major works leads to the achievement of objectives”.

Stefano Di Giacomo


Stefano Di Giacomo was born in Rome on 18 July 1961. He graduated in Civil Engineering from “La Sapienza” University in Rome in 1986 with a thesis in structural theory.

From 1986 to 2000 he worked in the field of construction in Italy and abroad initially  with operational roles and subsequently in  managerial positions on primary project including:


  • Extension of the Olympic Stadium in Rome – CONI
  • “2nd ITP Project” Kirkuk – Ceyhan Oil Pipeline – Iraq National Oil Company
  • Construction of primary AT-MT – ENEL transformation stations
  • Dependent School in Aviano (PN) – US Navy

In 2000 he founded Alcotec in Rome, an overall engineering company operating throughout the Italian territory. Today he is CEO and Technical Director of the company which is mainly focused on Project & Construction Management, Construction Management, Safety and Quality.