Alcotec has an internal Tender Office that operates offering customers valid support in Tender Management and in the preparation of Technical Offers for both national and international tenders.

In particular Alcotec:

  • Supports the Central Purchasing Centers in the drafting of tender documents and in identifying the most suitable company (document analysis).
  • It supports companies in identifying and participating in tenders for works, services and supplies, also by participating as an Economic Operator in tenders for “assigning integrated contract works” and “design assignments (preliminary / definitive / executive), Development phase HSE Management, Construction Supervision, Accounting and Execution Phase HSE management”, thanks to the strong know-how and expertise of its Technical Director.

Alcotec provides companies with consultancy services, in the context of tenders, for:

  • Tenders: tender documents review, participation requirement verification, deadlines monitoring and control, technical offer request evaluation, sub-elements score-table, reports, technical drawings and graphs.
    • with activity coordination: Alcotec offers a work group management service;
    • with improved Technical Offer: Alcotec elaborates the entire technical offer;
    • with support for Economic Offer and Time: Alcotec supports the customer in the elaboration of the economic and temporal offer by developing market analysis and defining costs and timeframes for carrying out the work.
  • Price justifications: Alcotec offers advice to companies that have participated in tenders, during the preparation phase of the justification of “abnormally low offers” as required by Articles 86 and 87 of Legislative Decree n. 163/2006 (Public Procurement Law).
Alcotec offers support from the preparation of price analysis related to each item of the metric computation to any request for clarification issued by the contracting authority.