As part of its Project & Construction Management services, Alcotec offers Project Verification support for the Validation and Control of the Construction Activies of Civil and Industrial Engineering Works and related Plant Works.



Project Verification is a guarantee for private entities intending to reduce the risks of variations and delays, and is a mandatory requirement for public works. In the context of public procurement, this is a preparatory activity for the Project Validation, the formal document signed by the Sole Responsible of the Procedure (RUP) that confirms the presence of any minimum procurement requirements as well as its compliance with current legislation.



This service, usually aimed at issuing posthumous ten-year indemnity policies by insurance companies, aims to reduce the risks deriving from the incorrect design and execution of the work.

In this context, Alcotec employs a team of technicians with proven experience who are entrusted with the planning of the control activity based on the specificity and criticality of the project and the construction site.