BIM (Building Information Modeling)

From the start of its activity, the need for continuous improvement and growth that distinguishes Alcotec in its work approach has prompted company to develop, a Business Line dedicated to BIM methodology, in a local context where its diffusion is still fragmanted and sporadic.

The transition from a process divided in sectors to one in which all the actors involved in the construction of the model interact, collaborating in the virtualisation of the building, allows the set up of a collaborative design model.

By using advanced software such as Autodesk’s Revit Suite and STR Vision, Alcotec can manage all projects in an integrated manner, in the design and in the construction phase.

Alcotec provides the following services:

  • Integrated project management
  • BIM modeling (Architecture – Plants – Structures)
  • Clash detection
  • BIM Computing
  • BIM planning