thanks to the know-how gained over the years, provides its customers with project control services during all the execution phases of the projects, in order to achieve the objectives set in terms of costs and times.

SCHEDULING: consists of the planning of activities in terms of logical sequence, duration, types and quantities of resources required and relative monitoring. Alcotec assists the customer by choosing the appropriate planning technique based on the degree of complexity of the project, the size and the associated risks.

ESTIMATING AND BUDGETING: consists of the analysis and definition of the project budget. Alcotec supports customers in the process of defining the project budget and determining a cost estimate for each phase of the project.

COST CONTROL AND ACCOUNTING: Cost control activity is the process of collecting, monitoring, analyzing and reporting project costs. It takes place by systematically collecting the economic value of orders and their variations and making an estimate at the end of the project for all cost items.

Alcotec performs the following services:

  • Planning of activities (design, procurement, construction), with the help of the Critical Path Method CPM, and man power;
  • Monitoring of the activities, verification of the progress of the same and control of any deviations of the project compared to the baseline;
  • Definition of an appropriate cost structure (cost breakdown structure);
  • Development of production and cash flow curves according to criteria agreed with the customer, with periodic updating and verification of deviations;
  • Analysis and verification of project costs and comparison with the approved budget;
  • Constant updating of the final forecast of project costs and analysis of deviations;